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So many lifestyle programs are little more than a “look at me and what I’ve got,” ego assuaging marketing ploy. Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps Lifestyle program is a little different; yet, it is still a bit difficult to pinpoint what, exactly, it’s about at first.

Let’s Start at the Beginning Of The 67 Steps: About the Program

First, my rant and caveat: Before being able to dig into what this was all about, there were a number of “infomercials” on his YouTube channel and his personal website. I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand 2-hour long (winded) intros like the ones he has. I find his general attitude a little bit condescending, and if I were his parent, I might say something to the lad, such as, “Don’t assume your readers and viewers are really that gullible to think you’re flattering them. They’re smarter than that.”

There’s little doubt that he is an excellent businessman since he has clearly amassed a good measure of wealth, has somehow built an email list of well over a million people – mostly in the under-30 crowd from what he has publicly stated on at least one audio cast that I listened to.

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I long ago stopped being impressed by the sight of people standing in front of $100,000 autos or next to girls in bikinis, and of course those salesmen are not marketing to me. They are marketing to you, the younger, and potentially more easily influenced by outer appearances. If you want a Lambo, cool! Go to it, and when you make your millions, have at it. Maybe you’ll give me a ride in it, but I don’t personally want one. I want to pay off my house so I can stop worrying about where I’ll live once I’m old. So, sales tactics showing me how wealthy you are won’t sway me.

I am more impressed by calm assurance while showing, rather than telling, and quiet confidence rather than hype. But, I’m no longer 25 years old.

And so, because I understand who his target audience is, I feel impelled to mention to you, the reader who is wondering whether or not to buy his stuff: I believe that what he teaches is pretty simplistic in a number of ways. People in the under-30 mode have most likely not had as much exposure to the vast number of teachers and mentors that Tai has. He’s fond of sharing motivational and inspirational quotes from his favorite teachers – Peter Drucker is one of his obvious favorites.

But, if you are in this younger crowd and are looking for motivational quotes; trust me, you don’t have to pay for them. Just Google it, and you’ll get your fill of whatever category of motivation you need.

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Having said all that, let’s get to the program in question.

This is the Good: As the name suggests, this lifestyle program hinges on exactly 67 points that he has numbered because some studies (that he follows) state that we need 66 days to start or break a habit (good or bad), and so he added in another day to bring it up to 67. Each day or “step” includes a life “truth” that he says helped to turn his own below average to mediocre life around to what it is today.

I must agree that the man has a certain charisma that will appeal to his target audience. I’m not in his demographic, and so I tend to be more “ho-hum… been there, done that.” That’s not to say what he teaches has no value. It most certainly does.

tai-lopez-67-steps-program-claim-your-spot(Additional Rant – in his favor): For example, as an avid reader (or so he says), his program heavily stresses reading on a daily basis to improve your life. I applaud that, because it is true. People; you need to read real books – not “posts” on Facebook, and you need to stop “texting” and using the language of text and slang. Leaders and successful people speak real language. The pseudo word “slanguage” comes to my mind.

Another thing: Since Mr. Lopez is selling you a “life improvement” program, and since you are likely a bit younger than I am, I would strongly encourage you to listen to what he says, and also – for the love of everything you might consider holy – STOP immersing yourself in the popular media – news, “entertainment industry “news,” “reality shows,” and general news – which is almost all negative, and which feeds FEAR.

Turn that shit off. Really.

Mr. Lopez promises that while the steps, when applied, work wonders in transforming people and their lives, this is no magic trick. Experiencing the reality of a transformed life is the result of doing the work it takes to have these steps work for you.

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And now for the “almost not so good:” I want to mention something about his “testimonials.” You do need to understand that he initially gave away his program for free, and then tested it at the very low price of $4.95 or something like that to a part of his email list before releasing it at its current price (at this writing) of $67 to the masses. This is by his own admission on a podcast that interviewed him as the featured guest.

Considering that he did this for next to nothing at first, it should not surprise you to see a lot of glowing testimonials for something that they either received for free, or paid very little for.

This is a warning to read the fine print: Whether or not he is receiving the same testimonials for the $67 paid version is another thing. Plus, he now charges $69.99/month for what he calls a “VIP” membership that is automatically charged to your credit card after you’ve been in his program for 14 days (the 14 day “free trial” begins when you order the program, and no, you do not have any option whatsoever to “delete” the “free trial” when you order it.) Of course it’s a brilliant marketing strategy, because there is no question that a number of people won’t cancel it.

Nonetheless, some WILL want to cancel it, and therein lay a potential problem. One disgruntled person on Quora mentioned having difficulties in cancelling his monthly membership.

There are a number of in-depth reviews on YouTube about this program that I suggest you watch. Stay away from the ones that simply are a sales pitch to get you to buy through their affiliate link. Go with the ones that actually talk about the various steps. There’s one somewhat quiet dude who covers the program at great length, and who has published probably the most honest review of this program I’ve seen yet. You’ll find it. He has a number of videos that review his progress through the program, and they are very truthful.

Okay, now for some of the general info about the program:

Before the steps in Tai’s program can work for you or anyone else, you’ll need an attitude adjustment, understanding that only you can take full responsibility for your own life. In other words, users must let go of excuses and know that ultimately their life is theirs and theirs alone. Only then can the necessary actionable steps be taken and life changing results take place.

If you “get this” early enough in your life, you’ll be far ahead of the crowd by the time you hit your 50s. So, I have to say that I fully agree with this. I wish I had known this years ago.

Why This Program Can Work – The 67 Steps Review You Need To Hear

This lifestyle course can work for a number of reasons. The main one is how it approaches the reality of being able to change one’s own life. Change is understood to be first the circumstance of a right thinking mind, and then of right actions. It is not merely superficial, as lasting change is both material and deeply personal. This notion is further supported throughout the program by principles and characteristics such as:

– Humility
Having the willingness to recognize the need for change and then taking the steps necessary to effect such change is a mark of humility. Humility allows you to stare the truth in the face and transform in light of it – which is in essence what this program is about. This is the first step to making the real and lasting change that are likely to make this program successful.

– Being open and adaptable
Implementing change is not easy and is in many cases uncomfortable. Being flexible is the key to riding this out as the discomfort that happens as one transitions from where you are to where you need to be is normal and most importantly temporary.

– Accountability and personal integrity
Personally, I think that this is one of the most important qualities you can develop. It will help you to not only start the work, but continue to do right through to seeing the desired results. This is where prioritizing, exercising discipline, willpower and consistency will all come into play to help you make this course a success.

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So, look at the titles of some of the steps themselves, and you’ll learn a lot right off the bat. See if any of these stir you to act on your life – and I’ll just rattle some of them off: Be worth a damn. Get a mentor. Ignore 99% of those around you. Grind it out. Escape the salary mentality. Learn from books (we’ve already talked at length about that). Be tough. Master your mind (This may be easier said than done, but a number of masters who have come and gone in this world have done it and so can you.). Be a truth seeker, and discard what clearly has not worked for you.

There are many others. Within his step # 17, “Define your End Game” the “funeral exercise” is directly taken from Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Successful People book, from the chapter entitled “Principles of Personal Leadership” (to his own credit, Tai does credit Mr. Covey). It’s an exercise where you envision yourself at your own funeral, and are listening to speakers talk about you – and the crux of the experience is for you to determine what you would have these speakers say about you.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the books Tai has read, and with good reason. It’s an outstanding classic, and one I personally advise that you read as well since its principles have stood the test of time, and will continue to do so.

He talks about prioritizing, spending time wisely, taking action instead of just talking about it, and much more.

All this need not sound daunting. For those of you who might be new to the personal development field, this could be a good program. I see nothing wrong with giving this an honest go, as long as you are aware that there is nothing new under the sun with what Mr. Lopez is presenting and that you could find on your own. The biggest plus to this, in my mind, is that to a newcomer to the field, he does wrap a number of important concepts into one nice bundle.

My only other final word of advice, if you will humor me, is that if you should decide to take this course, please let it just be the tip of the iceberg for you, and urge you to continue to stretch beyond this introduction to a better you. Continue to grow, learn, and apply long after you complete these 67 steps.


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