Are Relationships Helping Or Hindering You?

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conversation-799448_1920Living in isolation is a bad idea, but so is spending too much time with the wrong sorts of people. What constitutes the “wrong person?” If you seek success in your personal growth or business progress, that person is the kind that holds you back. You might not be able to see it right away, but peer closely into your connection to this individual and think about how you feel when a coffee date is over. Are you brimming with energy or weighed down?

Negative Relationships

A downer in the group is someone who favors the word “can’t” and loves to say “no.” He puts down every idea, whether out of a fear or to make people feel bad. If others are rising too high in life, he tries to bring them low with criticism and pessimism in order to make himself feel bigger and better.
Try to be a positive influence on these individuals but limit contact. There are two dangers here. One is that you really will be brought low; the other is that you will enable this person’s negative thinking. Neither scenario is ideal.

Another sort of negative relationship is one in which others nurture your tendency towards negativity and enable bad behaviors. Whether this is addiction to drugs, bad eating habits, or just being unwilling to try harder to achieve your goals, they are unwilling to tell you the truth. Everyone needs truth in their lives. Without it, a person would never develop.

Positive Relationships

Spend time with successful people. They reflect the kind of achievement you desire: power over mental illness; financial wealth; intelligence; empathy; athletic prowess; or anything else you would like to develop. Consider yourself lucky if someone like this wants to hang out with you. Become an avid student of a willing mentor and you will flourish.

In order to make this relationship work, however, you must learn the art of listening. You won’t soak up his wisdom by merely being around this person. Let him do the talking. This person is willing to help you so let him do that by shutting your mouth and opening your ears. It’s his wisdom that needs to take center stage.

Cutting the Strings

Is it time to let go of someone in your life? This could be a friend or even someone related to you. You never want to burn bridges or hurt a person deliberately, but there are certain relationships which should be shelved for the time being. Every friend fulfills a role in your life and you give something to them too.

When all you do is constantly put out fires for a person or are constantly worn out by their moods and attitudes, it could be best to create distance. Don’t do it all at once without warning; that’s cruel. Give this person time by saying “I find your attitude really hard to take” or “I think you should get help.” It’s not up to you to change anyone, but dreams of success won’t become reality if you exhaust all your time trying to support a friend or sibling who revels in her negativity. Some people identify with failure and sadness; it’s all they have. Their unwillingness to let go shouldn’t become your burden.

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