How To Become A Success Story

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Success Tools words in a blue metal toolbox to illustrate learning new skills to achieve your goals in your job, career or life 17390938Bestselling authors, corporate magnates, high-ranking politicians, and other successful people share many attributes in common. You might not think you have what it takes to match their success, but these people were once just like you. With a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, they rose to a place in the global spotlight. Likable or not, these are wealthy people. How did they do it?

Hard Work

One thing they all say is that it takes determination and hard work to succeed. J.K. Rowling and Dr. Seuss are said to have received many rejection letters before a publisher finally saw something of value in their works. Bill Gates and Elon Musk both started from scratch with an idea which they developed over many years, sometimes losing money in the process. Success and fortune did not fall into these people’s laps. They earned their money and status the hard way.

Don’t Accept Failure

They wouldn’t give up and were willing to improve their ideas. The most successful men and women in the world experience failure but, instead of letting it defeat them, they learn valuable lessons from painful mistakes. Life lessons derived from error build strong character and often inspire better products. Failure is sometimes the first step to true success.

Listen to Smart People

There is always something to learn out there and many wise people willing to help and share what they have gleaned from a lifetime of writing, creating works of art, engineering, or computer technology. If someone you respect is willing to offer advice, take it. Sit back, listen, ask questions, then listen some more. Show humility and don’t act like you know everything already. Someone always knows more or has a nugget of wisdom to offer. Besides, humility is an appealing characteristic people can warm to and you’re going to need good people around you to encourage faith, optimism, and to get the job done.

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Don’t Make Excuses

Successful people don’t say “It’s not my fault this went wrong” or “I can’t do that today; I have a headache.” They forge ahead knowing the result is in their hands, not someone else’s. They overlook personal illness or fatigue to get the day’s work done. These individuals know that wallowing in self-pity over betrayal takes them nowhere. Unsuccessful people say “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t find the time.” Successful people believed they were good enough and they made time, even if that meant getting up in the wee hours of the morning. Truly successful people don’t sleep a lot or think small; they think big and achieve more than they dreamed.

Love What You Do

Many entrepreneurs have said it: you have to be passionate about your product, service, or idea. If the idea is boring, you won’t want to see it through. Boredom will come across during meetings with potential investors but enthusiasm rubs off in a good way. If something is dull even to the inventor, it’s sure to be dull to consumers and investors. Big ideas, like Disneyland and PCs, were born from the minds of amazing people who felt strongly about their plans and dreams. In fact, dreaming is good as long as ideas leap from the page and become reality.